What to Look for on a Lawyer’s Website

by Jacqui Brauman

What to Look for on a Lawyer’s Website

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

Finding the right lawyer for you can be a challenge. You might end up sticking with someone who’s not right. But if you’re just starting to look for the right lawyer, looking on their website can help. Here’s what to look for on a lawyer’s website.

My advise around finding the right lawyer involves:

  1. making a list of lawyers who are possibilities
  2. narrowing that list down to 2-3 lawyers
  3. then having an initial appointment with those 2-3, and asking questions.

So in step 2, how to you narrow your list down to 2-3 lawyers?

Checking them out online is the best place to start.

There’s some fairly basic things that should be on a website, or else I don’t recommend them.

The first is the face of the lawyer! 

You want to know who you’re going to go and see. A lot of legal websites often don’t have anyone’s face, or they have some stock photos, or sometimes they only have the partner’s faces, and they don’t have all the lawyers, and they don’t have the support staff. 

See a face before you make an appointment!

Contact details. 

At least a phone number for the office and an email address for the office should be on the website. It would be great as well if they also had all the individual email addresses per person. 

Having a web form is great, but not enough! 

It’s really frustrating when you see a website and all they have is an address and a contact form, and there’s actually no phone number and no email address. There should be some way of contacting them other than the form or other than walking into the office!

Their fees. 

It would be really great if the law firm gave an indication of how they charge. 

If they do fixed fee work, having some fees listed would be ideal. It demonstrates some values of the firm, and accountability and transparency. However, I don’t think this is absolutely necessary because it’s certainly something you should be asking in your initial appointment.

What they do.

Now, of course we don’t want to be going to a lawyer who doesn’t actually do the area of law that we need help in. So that should be on the website. 

Now, there shouldn’t be 10 different things that they do on their website – that would rule them out. – they’re trying to do too much. 

There should be between three and five, or depending on how big the firm is, maybe a couple more. But basically the more things on the website, the broader their practice is. And you want someone who actually does three or four things very well.

Up to date.

If there is a blog on the website, make sure that it’s not three or five years old. Make sure that it has been updated in the last couple of months. 

And that’s it. Using this list should help you eliminate some lawyers off your possibility list, to help narrow your list down.

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