Wanting It Over and Done With

by Jacqui Brauman

Wanting It Over and Done With

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

Facing a legal issue is going to be stressful and overwhelming, but then I think where women go wrong is that they go, “Oh, I just want this over and done with.” 

“I want to hand it over to someone else to fix for me.” 

Well, unfortunately, because it is your matter, you do need to be the one managing it. Wanting it over and done with doesn’t mean that you should hand it over to someone else completely.

You can’t just hand it over to a lawyer as quick as you can, and you can’t just hand it over to the first lawyer that you come across.

Recently, in Victoria, we had a solicitor struck off because they had taken on a matter that they weren’t familiar with. It was for a friend, so they were doing it pretty much for free just to try and get their friend out of trouble. 

Lawyers often do feel like they want to help everyone, but lawyers need to do the areas of law that they’re familiar with. 

If you don’t know this about lawyers, you need to be able to find and hire a solicitor that will work the way you need them to work.

You need a lawyer that has the experience and the skill level in the area that your legal problem is in. 

You can’t just hand it over to anyone. If you want it over and done with, the best way is the strategically work with someone to help you achieve that.

Unfortunately, for that solicitor who was stuck off, he did a really poor job. He didn’t tell his client when there were court dates up, and didn’t know the forms to use, and didn’t really know what he was doing. It’s been bad for both the client and his solicitor friend. 

We don’t want that happening for you.

Legally Wise Women runs a course, How to Find and Hire the Right Lawyer.

Over and Done

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