Tips for Protecting Your Family

by Jacqui Brauman

Tips for Protecting Your Family

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

Instead of legal literacy, this week I wasn’t to give you some tips for protecting your family.

If you’re separated, do a new Will.

If you’re separating but not divorced, everything you have will go to your husband if you die without a Will. 

Particularly if you have young children, you’ll probably prefer everything to go to them. 

But generally, if you’re separating but not divorced, think about whether whether everything going to your ex-husband is still what you want to do.

If you leave everything to your children, you could still have your ex-husband look after the money for them, if that’s what you want. Or you can have someone independent to to run that trust for your kids.

But if you haven’t got a will at all and you’re separated but not divorced, the law says everything does go automatically to your ex-husband. So even if you were finalized your financial separation but still not divorced, the laws of intestacy says that everything goes to your husband. 

Do an enduring powers of attorney as well.

This is also important in that situation, where you’re separating, because your ex-husband while you’re still married, is your next of kin.

In the case of an emergency, your ex-husband is probably the only person t0 legally have access to everything that needs to be done for you.

So thinking in terms of a sudden accident that you could have, who is it that you want to look after your children? 

You do you want to keep your household going for a couple of weeks, if you’re in hospital? 

If you’re in business, who will keep the business going? 

The third and final tip: get your business legals sorts.

Are the terms and conditions of how I do business nice and clear? 

Are the terms of payment on your invoices nice and clear? 

Any contracts that you have with other people providing services to your business, are they nice and clear? 

If you have business partners, is it nice and clear about what happens with them if there’s a dispute? 

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