Reality Check

by Jacqui Brauman

Reality Check

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

What can Legally Wise Women offer you?

Legally Wise Women cannot give you personalise one-on-one advice.

We can give general advice only. 

If you want to ask a specific question, we can give you an answer as a case study, in a generalised one, a for everyone to learn from. 


We run a live Q&A each fortnight, and then upload the recordings into our Legally Wise Women Premium Suite.

Questions are submitted by members prior, and then we answer those questions in the Q&A session.

Premium Suite only costs $129 a month. That’s a really low cost way of being able to get answers to your questions, without costing you hundreds of dollars for a one-on-one appointment with a solicitor. 

In one month, if you only wanted to subscribe for one month, you would have two Q&A periods during that time. So that might be a helpful way of setting you down the right path.

Applying general advice to your situation

In the free section of the Community Hub, there’s heaps and heaps of generalised videos. 

Many of the videos give you information about how the system works, and views or handles certain situations. But Legally Wise Women is also providing you with a different perspective, and different pathways.

If you’re, for example, going through a family separation, or that your business stops growing for six months while you deal with some major conflict; there are quick and easy ways of resolving conflicts, if you jump onto them straight away. 

There are ways of being able to manage yourself and your stress response better. 

We want you to realise that the legal system is a big system, which wants to take you through a certain process. That system doesn’t necessarily work, actually, for the majority.

So this post is a reality check, about what information and resources are available to you. But also that we want you to have a better experience and get a better result than you probably will through a traditional pathway.

Slow down and think to apply the generalised information to your situation. Read between the lines and realise the information we’re given you is about how the system applies. 

And we’re also giving you information about ways to do things better.

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