Lacking support

by Jacqui Brauman

Lacking support

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

Quite often when we face a legal problem, and we’re lacking support, we think we’re the only ones who have been through the situation.

But that’s not the case. 

There might not be someone in our immediate network or association who has been through a similar situation. And it might be difficult to find someone that you can find adequate support from and practical advice. It’s tricky, to find trusted support. 

If you’re going through an issue you’re not alone. It’s just a matter of finding the right place and the supportive community to be a part of.

If someone hasn’t been through what you’ve been through before and they want to weigh in on your problem, and give you their opinion and their advice about what you should or shouldn’t be doing, it can be really overwhelming and confusing. You don’t know what advice to take. 

But if someone hasn’t been what you’ve been through before, then generally take what they’re saying with a grain of salt. You need to find adequate support that can give you proper advice and relevant advice. 

You are probably going to need close family that will support ,you without trying to offer you too much advice. You’re probably going to need a psychologist or a coach to run things past, and to help you make calm and rational decisions. You’re going to probably need some legal advice from someone that you can trust. 

Then it would also be helpful to have a community of women around you who have been through similar experiences.

So Legally Wise Women can offer you those last two things. 

It can offer you how to find relevant free legal information, or find and hire the right lawyer so you can get that initial advice and know the process that you’re facing. But also having a community of women who have been through a similar situation in an online environment where you can feel safe is also really important.

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