I have a problem and no one to speak to

by Jacqui Brauman

I have a problem and no one to speak to

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

Isolation: I think with the lockdown that we have at the moment, it’s highlighting it even more than usual. But I know that when women face a legal issue, firstly, they don’t sometimes recognize that it’s a legal issue and that there is a legal solution. But the main thing is, and the reason why they don’t know that it’s a legal problem is that they don’t talk to anyone about it.

It’s particularly prevalent among women that we keep things to ourselves. 

Maybe it’s because we are ashamed or embarrassed to be in a particular situation, or whether we’re fearful that if we reveal the situation we’re in, we’ll be criticized. 

Or we’re worried it will get back to the other person that we’re in the dispute with.

But for whatever reason, we tend to keep things to ourselves. 

We have such a mental load with other things going on, and this just increases our mental load. 

We keep it to ourselves. We don’t want to burden other people with it.

But that isolation and keeping it to ourselves does worse things for us than if we spoke to someone. 

If we worked out what position we’re in, as early as possible, we’d be in a better position. 

If we didn’t allow the situation to get worse, because we’ve just sat on our problem, we’d be in a better position.

If we were surrounded by a community of women that we knew had gone through similar situations and we knew that we had a safe place where we could trust revealing and talking about some of the things that we were dealing with. 

Sometimes it’s not necessarily even about finding a solution. 

Sometimes it’s just sharing with someone who understands.

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