How to Self-Select Your Legal Experience

by Jacqui Brauman

How to Self-Select Your Legal Experience

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

It is possible to self-select your experience with the legal industry … because you are the consumer, and you have power! 

Particularly after the changes over the last couple of years with COVID, you can actually dictate as the consumer what kind of experience you want.

You can dictate what kind of lawyer you want, too. 

It’s no longer as it was 10 or 15 years ago, when you just took what you could get.

There have been many people having really poor experiences.

I don’t want women having poor experiences anymore. 

I see my role as educating more women about the legal industry, to help you have a better experience. 

But a lot of it still comes down to knowing yourself, and what you want (and need) as well. 

I think that what happens to a lot of women when they get emotionally overwhelmed is that they just want to hand off the responsibility of managing the experience to someone else. 

Then they’re in the hands of someone else; they are guiding your experience. Instead of you – and what you actually want and need for yourself.

So having a bit of an understanding of what your values are, can be really important. 

Women who find Legally Wise Women, and find me, are usually women who have some really deep integrity. So we don’t want retaliation, but we’re certainly not going to be walked over. So it’s this fine balance that we’re walking and sitting in our integrity. 

Integrity does take some bravery. 

It takes knowing your values and actually living by them.

It takes being able to say ‘no’ when something is really important.

Your lawyers are often trained to be purely adversarial and not to worry about what happens to relationships. So placing important on relationships is your responsibility, if that’s important for you. 

Self-selecting your experience means being careful about the lawyer you choose, because the lawyer you choose shouldn’t be railroading you into something that you don’t want to do. 

Good lawyers should be presenting you with options and allowing you to choose. That is why having initial appointments and working out which lawyer is best for you early in the piece is really important.

I’ve done a number of videos on how to find and hire the right lawyer – you can check those out in the free Facebook Group. 

If you’ve already selected a lawyer, then managing the relationship with the lawyer is very important throughout the process, taking responsibility for the outcome of your matter, keeping your own records of what’s happening, and if the lawyer is proposing something that doesn’t sit well with you, ask them for what other options there are. 

With over 15 years in the legal industry and not being completely satisfied with how other lawyers behave to each other, let alone the sort of results that women get, doesn’t sit well with me. 

So I want to make you feel comfortable enough to find someone that you can trust, but also know what alternatives you have because lawyers don’t have magic wands.


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