Horror Stories of Legal Fees

by Jacqui Brauman

Horror Stories of Legal Fees

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

One of the main reasons that women quite often don’t go and get advice, or are anxious about getting advice, is because of this belief that solicitors cost a lot of money. 

And yes, they can. 

But not all do. 

You can have fixed-fee situation. 

So it brings to mind this situation that I was involved in, a couple of years ago, managing the estate of a lady’s husband who’d just passed away. And her adult sons challenged the will, which left everything to her. 

It’s horrible for the family, that she had to go through that, with her husband just having passed away. 

But her daughter was friends with this barrister. So while I was managing the estate administration, the daughter suggested that the mum uses this barrister to run the litigation with the sons. 

They used this barrister to settle the litigation, which went for about 12 months. And the barrister’s fees were about $400,000. My fees, if I had done similar sort of work, probably would have been about 10% of that.

I know that there are horror stories out there about legal fees. 

But you can find lawyers who don’t gouge. 

You can find lawyers who take the risk, and give you a set fee. Because if I give you a set fee, and something happens, I either re-scope it for you and let you know what the change is, or I bear the risk because I set the fixed-fee. a

Being able to find and hire the right lawyer is so critical. And when someone is grieving after the death of their husband, and their family is falling apart around them because of disputes over the will, it’s so critical to have the right people behind you.

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