Everyone Has An Opinion

by Jacqui Brauman

Everyone Has An Opinion

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

One of the things that really increases uncertainty for women when they’re dealing with a legal issue is all the opinions that they hear from everyone – everyone seems to have an opinion about what someone else should be doing!

If women share that they have a problem, there are so many people ready to weigh in and give advice (when realistically they don’t have the place to be giving legal advice). 

If it’s your legal problem, try to have some boundaries around people weighing in on what you should and shouldn’t do. That’s difficult to resist, because you’re uncertain any way, but by listening to everyone under the sun it’s just going to make it more confusing for you.

You need to find a couple of people that you trust, and those are the people that you listen to. Everyone else who  has an opinion, and wants to weigh in and give you advice, just thank them. Then discard that little bit of information that they gave you. 

It’s almost like being a new mother. Everyone has an opinion about everything. But you find your own way through, and you take what little bits of advice that may or may not work for you. But there’s no point in being overwhelmed by all the advice and just going into a spin.

Finding the right relevant, free information about where to start first is really crucial. 

Then finding a lawyer that you can work with; the right lawyer that you can trust. 

Once you have your trusted team around you, and you’ve found your lawyer, then when people do come to you with questions or suggestions, you can run those things past your lawyer and trusted team. 

Your solicitor’s the one with the legal training. So they can give you legal advice and option. Don’t keep questioning the legal advice you get, or questioning your decisions, because it’s just going to increase your stress and uncertainty. 

Finding and hiring the right lawyer in the first place, that you can then place your trust in is really important.

So take care, trust yourself, and don’t get pulled in to everyone else’s opinion.

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