Being Scared of Legal Fees

by Jacqui Brauman

Being Scared of Legal Fees

by Jacqui Brauman

by Jacqui Brauman

We know every two years or so, more than half of women face a legal problem of some kind. 

It could be: 

  • in their business, 
  • a staff issue, 
  • something that they’ve bought that doesn’t work 
  • being chased for money, 
  • a housing problem,
  • having a separation, 

… there’s so many things that women could face

Unfortunately, we also know that less than half of the women who face an issue get professional advice. 

Now there could be lots of reasons for that. 

One of the reasons could be because people are scared about legal fees. They don’t know how it works. They have heard horror stories about finding the wrong solicitor, about legal fees being ginormous and unfortunately it does happen. 

Without knowing how to find a lawyer and how then to engage them, and how then to work out what the legal fees are going to be; you are at risk of that.

Recently we acted for a woman in a separation that went for maybe 18 months or so. In my firm, TBA Law, she had a fixed legal fee. She knew what her fees were going to be. And it was interesting because, over the same period of time, her husband paid 150% more in legal fees than she did.

So knowing some legal fees upfront is really important and it takes that risk away. 

Knowing how to find and hire the right lawyer, and how to have the conversations, and understand how lawyers charge is really important.

Legally Wise Women has a 5-part course, so you can learn exactly how to avoid wasting time and money with the wrong lawyer.

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