About us

About us

by Jacqui Brauman

We exist to address injustice and disadvantage in the legal industry for women

We help business women facing a conflict to confidently take control of the outcome themselves …

…without spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on legal expenses,

…without the decision being taken out of your hands and taking months in the legal system, and

… without any shame or embarrassment, or fear of making a mistake.

Legally Wise Women is a social enterprise. It is your haven when you are confronted by the overwhelm and distress that often accompanies an unexpected legal issues. We educate and empower you, through our online resources and work with you to create a clear, safe and affordable path forward. 

Legally Wise Women offers three pillars of legal literacy to provide women with a new pathway to the resolution of their legal disputes. These are: 

1. learning how the legal industry works and how to find and hire the right lawyer 

2. access to a range of alternative dispute resolution and online tools, and

3. developing their own negotiation and conflict skills. 

Legally Wise Women brings together women in an online community, who lack confidence with a legal issues, to go from confronted to courageous, so that they can have better control over the outcomes in a variety of situations, and negotiate what they want successfully with less cost.

Our team

We’re your pathway to empowerment

Jacqui Brauman

Jacqui Brauman

Founder and CEO

Jacqui is a Law Institute of Victoria accredited wills and estates specialist and collaborative practitioner, with over a decade in the legal industry, and owner of TBA Law.

Ush Dhanak

Ush Dhanak

Podcast Co-host

Former lawyer, HR Manager, and emotional intelligence coach. The IQ Meets EQ podcast co-host, and owner of the EQ Academy.