by Jacqui Brauman

We help women
become empowered.

Knowledge is power, and with knowledge
we can control better outcomes for ourselves.


You don't have to
feel intimidated.

We can guide you through how to find the right
lawyer to work with - to save you money and time.


Information at your

Useful information you will understand
in normal language.


Tell us what your legal problem is, and we will source a couple of the best lawyers for you, along with quotes, so that you can choose who to use.


Online dispute resolution

Tell us what your dispute is, and we can organise an online dispute resolution – a mediation you can do from home via phone or online.


Online Negotiation Courses
negotiation course

Our suite of online negotiation and self-advocacy courses will give you the tips an tools you need to resolve your negotiation yourself.


Knowledge protects. Use it to change the course of your life

Breakaway from Convention

Legally Wise Women offers new pathways for resolution of legal matters, that are designed to reduce the overwhelm and stress, and connect women with vetted practitioners who are experts in their field of legal practice.

Legally Wise Women offers the five pillars of legal literacy – access to relevant legal information, connecting to the right legal representative, negotiation skills, the ability to read and construct legal documents, and how to assess the quality of legal service you’re receiving.

Our community includes resources to inform and educate, including free videos, and low-cost online courses.

Referrals to vetted lawyers for their expertise in a particular field and alignment with the Legally Wise Women values.

Online dispute resolution solutions that are effective while seeking to minimise the stress, time and costs associated with legal proceedings.

Frequently asked Questions

Being ‘legally wise’ is having the wisdom to navigate daily life, having more power over outcomes, and having knowledge about how things work in our system and society.

Wisdom includes emotional intelligence. This is a person’s ability to perceive, control, evaluate and express emotions. Not having this ability puts women at more of a disadvantage than they already are – because the legal industry is set up by men, for men. The legal industry already has biases against women. Legally Wise Women advocates that learning and increasing emotional intelligence is an important determinant of successfully navigating any legal issue … and a successful life.

Knowledge is power. Hence, legal wisdom is gained through education; but education in the frank and realistic terms of the modern world that is actually accessible for women to use. Rather than indoctrination into the legal fraternity and jargon, women need to be able to navigate issues they find in everyday life, and understand how to manoeuvre wisely through the legal system for their best possible outcome.


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