by Jacqui Brauman

Empowered through
legal information.

Knowledge is power, and with knowledge
we can control better outcomes for ourselves.


You don't have to
feel overwhelmed.

We can guide you through how to find the right
lawyer to work with - to save you money and time.


Legal information at
your fingertips.

Useful information you will understand
in normal language.

where to start when separating

A 9-page kit, providing you with links to the best emergency resources, where to turn when you’re in financial hardship, and tools to handle the situation yourself (saving on legal fees). Also learn the fundamentals of your legal position and what your next steps are.

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Whether you have personal debts that you are struggling to pay – loans or bills – or you could have business debts – problems collecting or paying …

We have a free “Where to start” kit for you

Without going legal
How to Solve Your Problem Without ‘Going Legal’

Free 5-day email course with videos.

Learn the alternatives to going to court, learn how to find a lawyer with the right skill set and skill level for you, and learn the principles of interest-based negotiation.

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Do no harm, but take no shit.

Your best alternative to that legal team you know you need, but can’t afford.

We help otherwise empowered women facing a conflict to confidently take control of the outcome themselves

…without spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on legal expenses,

…without the decision being taken out of your hands and taking months in the legal system, and

… without any shame or embarrassment, or fear of making a mistake. 

Legally Wise Women offers resources for alternate pathways for resolution of legal matters, that are designed to reduce the overwhelm and stress, and connect women with vetted practitioners who are experts in their field of legal practice.

Frequently asked Questions

Being ‘legally wise’ is having the wisdom to navigate daily life, having more power over outcomes, and having knowledge about how things work in our system and society.

You have the aspects of a wise woman.

You won’t get ripped off by succumbing to the influence of others through fear.

You will understand what you truly want, and be able to express that and stand by it, without needing revenge or seeking to punish. 

There are some generalised information videos, on many aspects of life that women may experience a legal problem, on our website. But there are hundreds in our online community hub.

We have ‘Where to Start Kits’ for those facing separation, consumer debt problems, or business women trying to collect unpaid revenue.

Understand the Court systems in your State – we link relevant self-represented pages in easy to find categories for your State.

We also find some of the best free and low-cost resources for alternative pathways, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for them yourself. 

We have short self-paced online courses in negotiation and small business.

We have fortnightly Q&As, if you want your questions answered.

Replay videos – you can access past Q&As to look through questions answered for previous members.

Downloadable templates for agreements and legal documents you need in business and in life.

Online dispute resolution services, and other resources to alternative pathways. 

All available in our Premium Suite.

Hiring the wrong lawyer can cost you a lot of time and money.

Many lawyers will take over your matter, which may initially give you a false sense of relief, because you’ve handed the responsibility over the someone else.

But lawyers earn more money, the longer a matter goes for. So you need to understand the processes and options a lawyer is laying out for you.

You also want to find a lawyer with the right level of expertise in your area – not all lawyers are created the same. Although a lawyer may say they know what they’re doing – how do you know they do? Even they don’t know what they don’t know ..!

Legally Wise Women can help you learn to vet lawyers, how to ask the right questions, and also send you to fixed-fee lawyers so you won’t get bill-shock. 

We can also be your second-opinion, and help guide you through the advice that a a lawyer is giving you.